My name is Giorgia, I’m 19 and I live in the province of Bergamo. I’m a positive and ambitious person, who has a great desire to do and who never misses opportunities. My strong organization allows me to manage different types of jobs at the same time and to settle in working groups, promoting cohesion and obtaining the best possible result.


I chose Zenale because it allows me to express all my passions and my experiences. It helped me overcome the so-called “performance anxiety”, it helped me to understand how the world is full of criticism and rejection and it gave me the tools to transform them into positive inputs and life lessons. It has allowed me to emerge with competitions and publications, helping me to enter this working world.


Zenale was fundamental for another great passion of mine: cinema. Studying its structure and elements allowed me to bring a bit of Hollywood into my life. In particular, I experienced firsthand the thrill of being a director, directing a short film with a partner. I participated in courses and events focused on the communication of the seventh art and within the CRE Grest of my Oratory I was able to open a cinema workshop for children, organizing practical activities to bring them closer to this world.


As a future training I have chosen to direct myself towards design and its communication, in order to fully understand what surrounds us and which has now entered our lives, today above all thanks to social networks and the internet.